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Bad Weather Procedure

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the School will aim to open and remain open as long as it is safe for children and staff to travel to/from school.

We understand that children living in outlying areas may have difficulty in getting to and from school and that there may be transport difficulties with either the bus company or private vehicles unable to run.  Safety is therefore, ours and your first priority.  A point of contact is needed during the day if weather conditions worsen, so that the school can contact an adult responsible for the care of your child, should they have to be sent home early.

If it proves difficult to make this contact, the children should know what arrangements have been made for them to be looked after, e.g. by another family member or friend.  Can you please ensure you discuss this with your child so that they know these arrangements.  It would also help if parents in this position telephoned the school to check whether we were closing and tell us what arrangements have been made.

When weather conditions are extreme and the school has to be closed at the beginning of the day, we will try to have an announcement broadcast on Radio York (Frequency FM Stereo 103.7 MHz).  We will also endeavour to put this on the school website ( AND the text message system at the earliest opportunity.  Please remember though that if I am trying to get in to school, I cannot update the website as speedily as I would like.

I will telephone Mrs. Harrington, who lives near the school and she will put a sign in the main door (for local families to read), explaining that the school is closed.  I will change the answer phone greeting remotely with closure information.  Also, the volunteers listed below will be contacted by me and will be available for you to contact to find out if the school is closed.

I must stress that if you feel that it is unsafe for your child to travel to school in poor weather conditions, please do not attempt to send him/her.

Finally, please make sure that mobile phones are switched on, and that we have your up to date number.

Marion Fairburn – Thornton Steward, and surrounding area 01677 460234
Becky Bosher – Harmby and surrounding area                                  01969 326038
Ann Harrington – Spennithorne, Constable Burton, Hauxwell &  surrounding area         01969 624989 or school number

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