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 School Day


The school day begins at 8.45am.   At Spennithorne, the school playground is supervised by a member of staff  from 8.35am, ten minutes prior to the commencement of school and it should be understood that children will not be supervised in the playground before that time. At Middleham, the doors open at 8.35am and children come into school as soon as they arrive. Members of staff are always on the premises well before the start of school and should a pupil need assistance, he/she must come into school and contact a member of staff.


For those being transported from their registered school to their teaching school via the school bus, at the present moment, the bus leaves Middleham at 8.40am. Those children need to meet a staff member for registration onto the bus at the front of the school. The bus will only wait for the  other children transported by the county buses. If a child is late,  they will need to make their own way to Spennithorne.

At Spennithorne, those taking the bus, enter into the school hall at 8.45 and are registered. They are then escorted by a staff member  to to bus. These children arrive at Middleham just before 9am.

We ask that children arrive at school ready to begin their day at 8.45.  Punctuality is very important as not only does it set standards, but important information sharing and teaching often takes place in the first session of the day.


Lunchtime is from 12-1pm.


The school day ends at 3.15pm.  A bell is rung and the children are taken out to meet their parents in an orderly fashion. Any parent arriving to meet a child will take over the responsibility for the supervision of their child from the school gate.  No child from the Reception/Year 1/Year 2 class will be allowed out of the school gate until a parent or known adult responsible for the care of the child is present.  It is your responsibility to let us know, by letter or phone, of any changes to the arrangement made for collecting your child should unexpected problems arise.  As the safety of your child is of paramount importance to us, we will not allow any child to be taken by another person without prior knowledge.


Parents, particularly of younger children in the Foundation Stage, are welcome to bring them into the classroom if they wish to do so, or if they want to speak briefly to the class teacher. However, please remember that there is only a short period of time before school starts and, if you would like a longer discussion it would be helpful if you could make an appointment to see the class teacher or Head Teacher, who will always be pleased to discuss any matter with you. We hope that the all children will be able to come into the classroom by themselves by the autumn half term.


The children travelling by bus, will meet in the office  at the end of the day. A member of staff will voluntarily supervise these children and using the bus register, endeavour to ensure all children are safely led onto their transport home.  Those travelling by minibus or taxi will meet  in the same place.  Any changes to these arrangements should be notified to the school by letter at the start of the school day.  The responsibility for supervision of children whilst travelling on the bus lies with the bus company concerned but we are empowered to deal with any misbehaviour on bus journeys.  Please speak to your child about appropriate behaviour whilst travelling on the bus.

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