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School Transport

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School - travel support

Home to school transport is available to many pupils and students. If eligible, it is normally free of charge but in some circumstances a mileage allowance may be offered by the Local Authority (LA). However, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that children attend school.


Please note that there will be changes to the home to school transport policy from September 2012.

The policy for transport to denominational schools will change for new pupils and 'equivalent cost' will be withdrawn. Arrangements for transporting pupils to denominational schools will remain in place until 2016 for secondary aged pupils and 2018 for primary aged pupils, at which point the network will be reviewed and all provision removed.  As a result pupils starting denominational secondary school in September 2012 onwards will not be able to purchase paid permits on existing transport from 2016 and those primary pupils starting 2012 onwards will not be able to purchase paid permits from 2018.
This means that parents will be responsible for all transport arrangements and costs to denominational schools as the County Council will not arrange any transport after these dates.

It is important that you do not rely on existing travel arrangements when deciding which school you wish your child to attend. Further information can be found by looking at the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.
Whilst it is your responsibility to make sure that your children go to school, in some cases we can help with transport to make sure that your children can get to school. The Education Office - Harrogate can give advice and information about home to school transport.


You should contact The Education Office - Harrogate if you wish to apply for:
•    free home to school transport;
•    assistance with transport to a denominational school;
•    concessionary transport;
•    post-16 transport to school or college; or  
•    if you think your child has to walk a dangerous route to school.

Key skills in maths are vital so we have reintroduced our Mission Maths Booklets for children to practise at home and be tested in school.

To help you to help your children, please  click here to access the mission maths book with weblinks your child can use to practise those skills.


Times Tables

  We are also returning to our times tables  checking cards   from Y2 onwards.

 Link on the links below for great websites for fun ways  to practise  times tables.



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