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Uniform Policy

School Uniform

We encourage all our children to take a pride in their appearance and the wearing of school uniform forms part of that policy.  Although this is done on a voluntary basis, we would hope that all parents would support the school in this matter. Uniforms can be ordered online by clicking here.

Our school uniform:


Sweatshirt/Sweat-cardigan with school logo – this can be ordered through  the above website

Trousers/skirts – dark grey

Black shoes – not trainers/boots


Navy polo shirt with school logo – this can be ordered through the above website

Shorts  (school style)- Dark grey

Blue/white gingham dress

No trainers/boots


For P.E. and games activities

Plain white T-shirt

Black shorts

Tracksuit bottoms in cold weather

P.E. Kits, comprising bag, white T-shirt and black shorts.

Indoor P.E. is usually done in bare feet where possible, unless there is a medical reason.  Gym shoes will be required for outdoor use.  All P.E. kit should be named and stored in school in a drawstring bag if possible.

For art activities, overalls are provided  but for the older children, it would be helpful if an old shirt or overall could be provided to protect clothes from paint, glue etc.

We strongly recommend that all items of your child's clothing, especially coats, sweatshirts, polo shirts and P.E. kit are marked with his/her name.



The wearing of jewellery of any kind in school is not allowed.  Apart from the fact that precious possessions are often lost or misplaced, we must consider the safety of your child and others within the class.  Children can be quite badly injured when rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. are caught on furniture, other children's hair, clothing etc.

The exception to this rule is that those children who have pierced ears may wear studs but these must be removed for P.E. and swimming.  We would request that if your child is going to get their ears pierced, it is done at the beginning of the 6 week summer holiday so that they have a chance to heal.

If children arrive in school wearing jewellery, they will be requested to remove it and it will be kept in a sealed envelope in the School Office for collection at home time.

Long hair must be tied back at all times and we politely request that inappropriate hairstyles and/or hair colours are left for school holidays e.g. tramlines etc.

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